A New Way to CEU

The purpose of Social Work Supper Club is to provide a supportive space for Social Workers to focus on professional development and to promote the field. SWSC offers a podcast with discussions covering a variety of practice topics, backed by evidenced-based research. We offer on-the-go learning opportunities with a focus on translating methods into practice. 


 Social Work SC offers continuing education units for LBSW, LMSW and LCSW levels of licensure with opportunities for online learning, webinars, and in-person events. SWSC members can register to take a quiz at the end of each podcast episode.  A wide range of practice topics to enhance professional practice, values, skills, and knowledge.

To obtain continuing education units, enroll in your course, take a listen to a short podcast episode, review the applicable slides (for you visual Social Workers out there) and take a short quiz to show all that you have learned! Course slides are printable, easy to digest, and you can continue to access it at any time. Estimated time per unit is 1 hour. Certificates of completion of at least 75% passing grade will be automatically generated and stored for up to 3 years in case of audit. 

**board approval of CEU credits is still pending at this time

Your Instructor

Kristen Shuler is the Creator & Director of Education for Social Work Supper Club. She is a Licensed Master Social Worker, licensed in both Kansas and Missouri; currently under clinical supervision in Missouri. Kristen is a graduate of Washburn University and has been practicing for 14 years, focusing primarily in HIV care and most recently with a high risk geriatric patients. She has worked with diverse clients in a variety of settings, from urban to rural settings, with a high regard for the importance of cultural competency.

Kristen's areas of interest & expertise:

- caregiver support

- compassion fatigue

- secondary vicarious trauma

- transference & countertransference

- geriatric mental health

- dementia care

- chronic health management

- medication adherence counseling

- health literacy

- professional development


Believing that success and longevity in the field requires ongoing professional development and a solid support network, Kristen has refocused her practice to assisting Social Workers who are at risk for compassion fatigue by creating opportunities for more inovative 

continued education experiences to and opportunities for networking.


A transcription version of the podcast is available for any participants with hearing impairments. The Social Work SC website is coded for large text and the content is structured with hierarchical headings. Links within the website are descriptive and videos include captions for those who can not accurately transcribe audio. Any physical spaces utilized for the purpose of in person courses will have accessible entrances, restrooms, tables, and parking. Accomodations can be made for any individual participant needs, for online and in person courses.




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